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Connectors / Camera Link

We provide professional and diversified connector service .From 3C Cable & Wire products.also in automotive connector wire,waterproof connector, Factory Automation,AOI cable...We could design mold,plastic molding, punching-lathing manufaction by our own equipments which means we could completely match what customers requests.


SHUAN JIUH Enterprise Co., Ltd committed to be professional binding wire up to the customers to develope a partnership together, different from the traditional workshop, but also continuously developing and improve new products such as Waterproof connector, providing LED market connectors, solar connector packaging, Automotive connectors and wiring PCB board electronic somponents.SHUAN JIUH provide a range of off-the-shelf, semi-custom and custom products. We are committed to product improvement and evloution via implementation of new features through customer feedback, With design driven by long term reliability, our products are durability and overall product quality. With each product we invest in industrial design to make sure the product looks as good as it is.


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