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Shuanjiuh enterprises imported from Japan with high specification twin-screw kneading machines, professional production, a variety of modified plastics, and many times with ITRI Foundation, the textile, plastics center experience to develop multi-purpose plastic material, can be your products added antimicrobial nano silver, luminous, fire features, and applications in the textile fibers, and the other has a low smoke and halogen-free plastic pellets, green biodegradable plastic granules, low lead-toxic plastic granules, conductive plastics, antistatic plastic, wood and fire retardant materials, all kinds of color masterbatches, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TPV, TPU), and can be customized for clients modified, high flexibility, oil resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-PE ants, heat and cold, and other characteristics, PP, PS, NYLON6, EVA and other plastic pellets.

(Thermo Plastic Rubber) 
(Thermo Plastic Elastomer)

Product Specifications : SBS SEBS FR fire rating


Color: Natural , Black



Mechanical properties of the effective temperature range , the minimum can be less than - 40oC less than the maximum of up to 135oC .


Competitiveness ;

And the Industrial Technology Research Institute developed a nano silver antimicrobial masterbatches TPE thermoplastic elastomer , and mark through Nano



Small compression molding cycle is short, easy stripping , high production efficiency .

Recyclable and recycled five times, the physical properties still maintain more than 95% , in line with environmental requirements.

Anti-aging, ozone resistance and weather resistance .

Abrasion resistance , tear resistance, tensile strength , flexural strength and fracture elongation .

Low temperature resistance, aging of the oil , with antioxidant and anti- UV -resistant properties.

Can be used with PC, PC / ABS color combination .

Finished good touch and slip , bending flexibility, good effect with anti- sweat .


Usage: household appliances, sports equipment , household appliances, hand tool handles, toys , all kinds of seals, shoes, plastic modifier


Sold Specifications : 25 ~ 35KG / bag


(Thermoplastic polyurethanes)

Name : TPU thermoplastic poly- amino ethyl


Product Specifications: polyester type polyether


Color: high transparency, the general level


Characteristics : TPU has abrasion resistance characteristics at low temperature , and good thermal processing stability , hardness from Shore65A to 95A. Polyesters good flow , forming fast , suitable shoes, wheel , tube , and another polyether , hydrolysis resistance and low temperature properties, good anti-bacterial , suitable for water pipes , anti-bacterial products.


Sold Specifications : 25 ~ 35KG / bag


Remarks :

   Delivery : Normal 1 week , 3 days courier

   The price depends on size and order volume is slightly different, please contact us. Quote according to the monthly market conditions , and changes in the purchase price of raw materials ,

      Reasonable and competitive price .

Polyvinyl chloride

Name : PVC Polyvinyl chloride


Product Specifications: low smoke and halogen-free , non-toxic PVC plastic pellets low lead tablets conductive plastic and antistatic plastic high flexibility, oil resistance , heat and cold, and other characteristics of the plastic pellets


Color: black , brown, red , orange , yellow, green , blue, purple , gray , white, transparent


Features: Soft and hard products can be Good chemical resistance Stable quality, high liquidity Good thermal stability , ease of use in processing          

Uses : film , wire coating , flooring , tubes , plates Sold


Specifications : 25 ~ 35KG / bag Remarks :    Flex products depending on customer needs, and the percentage ( % hardness ) is higher, the plastic plasticizer added the more ( 2% to 100% ) , indicating that the product softer . 

Master Batch

Name : Master Batch masterbatch


Product specification: PVC PE applicable applicable applicable PVDF PP TPE applicable


Color : the PANTONE color card table or send samples to the right color


Features: Fully and plastic melting Uses: For all types of plastic granule staining Sold


Specifications : Remarks :    Delivery : Normal 1 week , 3 days courier according to specifications and prices are slightly different order quantities , please contact us.


Quote according to the monthly market conditions , and changes in the purchase price of raw materials , Reasonable and competitive price . 


PANTONE color card comparison table


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