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UL1422 UL1423


             Production test fixture with

             Communications wire insulation 

             Power Supply 

             High temperature insulated wire 

OK line is mainly used for PCB probe test line or electronic components inside the connecting cable, silver plated wire conductor to increase conductivity.

Widely applied in aviation, metallurgy and petrol industry as well as applied in electrical products such as : electronic instrument & device (used ICT, PCB E-test), electrical appliance, transformer & electrical   motor.Can withstand high temperature 150 ° C, six disabled completely free RoHS hazardous substances, in line with the U.S. Military MIL-W requirements and UL1422, UL1423 certification on 81822/13, and passed the inspection by SGS. 


Conductor material of Tinned, Silvered or Nickel copper
“*”Conductor material used only silvered or Nickel copper per ASTM B3/33
Rated temperature 200 ℃
Rated voltage 300 V (Spark voltage 3000 V)
Flame resistance VW-1 or FT1
RoHS Compliant

  • Temperature / Voltage Rating:UL 1330:200℃, 600VUL 1331:150℃, 600VUL 1332:200℃, 600VUL 1333:150℃, 600V

Glow In The Dark Earphone Twisted Wires

Adopt a long-term storage material and equipped with high regulation 4C silver plated copper wire, in appearance very much like a chain with a very special sense, the function and use 5N silver-plated copper, with excellent transmission, ideal for HIFI headphone lines, wires STORING after absorbing the sun moved in the dark without electricity can be self-illuminated, nighttime u is that beam of light! and the time up to several hours, with the ROC model patents, welcome to ask developers to negotiate

Camera Link/Connectors

Camera Link

GigE Vision

Fire Wire IEEE1394B



Medical Wire/Carbon Fiber Wire

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