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Nano silver fiber

Multifunctional silver ion fiber has an effective and permanent antibacterial silver ion fiber has antimicrobial activity and can prevent a second tract infections, similar to the role of a chemical catalyst. It will manufacture a layer of bacterial outer membrane protein variant of the enzyme to reduce the bacterial metabolism, and even death. We relax and let composite spun bonding strength between the silver fiber and polymer molecules to reach a balance, but also get a permanent and effective antibacterial.

Origin: Made in Taiwan
Material: Polyester (Polyester)
Specifications: DTY 80 ± 10D / 36F
Strength: 4.2 g / d
Elongation; 25 ± 10%
Color: gold and silver yarn
Efficient use: washing 20 times by Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus gold

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