Name : Master Batch masterbatch


Product specification: PVC PE applicable applicable applicable PVDF PP TPE applicable


Color : the PANTONE color card table or send samples to the right color


Features: Fully and plastic melting Uses: For all types of plastic granule staining Sold


Specifications : Remarks :    Delivery : Normal 1 week , 3 days courier according to specifications and prices are slightly different order quantities , please contact us.


Quote according to the monthly market conditions , and changes in the purchase price of raw materials , Reasonable and competitive price . 


PANTONE color card comparison table

PE Masterbatch Yellow黃色
PE Masterbatch White白色
PE Masterbatch Red紅色
PE Masterbatch Pink粉紅
PE Masterbatch Purple紫色
PE Masterbatch Orange橘色
PE Masterbatch Green綠色
PE Masterbatch Brown棕色
PE Masterbatch Gray灰色
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PVC Masterbatch Yellow黃色
PVC Masterbatch White
PVC Masterbatch Orange橙色
PVC Masterbatch Green綠色
PVC Masterbatch Gray灰色
PVC Masterbatch Brown棕色
PVC Masterbatch Blue藍色
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